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Welcome to web of Eastern Europe Shepherd kennel Alta Brava!

We are happy to see you here. Our kennel is dealing with wonderful Russian origin breed - Eastern Europe Shepherd dogs.

My name is Olga Nevskaya and I’m owner of EES dogs kennel Alta Brava. Also I’m secretary of all breed club Laers. In cinology I’m since year 2000. In my life was many and different dogs, but EES dogs are my love and dream dog since I remember my self. Now my dream came true! They are great dogs for all kinds of service. For example guardian dogs and dogs companions, sport dogs and loving nannies. This is dog for serious people, because you will need to work with it hard. Reason is simple - without training this dog’s will became unhappy.

Kennel Alta Brava was registered in FCI and RKF in year 2004. Our first breeding dog was Monsher Virsal Sheridana. She got JCH RU title and prized places in competitions of OKD (Russian version of obedience). Multiple times she got title of Best Breeding dog in different specialized breed shows. She was descendant of Zheron (from mother side) and Pegi Lars Senljuk (form father side) - they were dogs, whom working qualities are known by all breeders of EES dogs.
Father of Sheridana was Grand Champion of Russia and National Breed Club Urs Koradzi Laers. At the moment Sheridanas children and grandchildren are going their own star way in shows and breeding carrier.

Another great breeding dog of our kennel is Betelgeize Laers Sarabi. She got titles of JCH RU, CH RU, CH RKF and RFSS. Sarabi is from line of multiple show winner Sairas Dasti Laers and family of CH RU and RKF Zenobia Betelgeize Laers.

EES dog with all its universality, was, is and will be serious service dog, which learns fast and without any problems. This dog will serve you till its last breathe. EES dogs is what you learn to them, what you want to see and can imagine! They can be companions as well as nannies, they can be serious guardian dogs, which are working in objects you need to be guarded as well as home dog, trained only basic levels of obedience. They are calm minded and reasonable active. But remember - if you are buying EES dog - you will need to pay attention to it all the time. They can’t be alone for a long time, and they need training, both, mental and physical.

We are paying great attention to our offspring’s - if they have some questions or problems, we always are here to help and support them. With dogs, which are living in Moscow, we are gathering few times a year to see each other, talk about our dogs and spent free time good and with meaning.

In our kennel we have
Junior Champions of Russia - 13
Champions of Russia - 10
Champions of National Breed Club - 2
Junior Winner of National Breed Club - 2
Winner of National Breed Club - 2
Junior Champions of Latvia - 4
Champions of Latvia - 4
Junior Champions of Lithuania - 4
Champions of Lithuania - 2
Candidates of Champion of National Breed Club - 8

Certificates of OKD - 19
Certificates of ZKS (defence training in Russia) - 8
Winners of obedience and defence training competitions - 2

We will be glad to see new lovers of this wonderful breed in our kennel!

With best wishes,
Olga Nevskaya
Kennel Alta Brava


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